Network Penetration Testing and Intrusion Attempts

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What is Network Penetration Testing?

A network penetration test is a test that attempts to exploit possible vulnerabilities that would allow an attacker or an insider to compromise the integrity of networking systems which could lead to the disclosure of sensitive data. Having a security analyst such as an ethical hacker perform these type of scans and tests will help to identify threats to secure systems which may be caused by insider actions.

Networks facilitate the smooth transfer of data from one source to the another and are indispensable for the operation of virtually all businesses in operation today. We rely on these systems to be secure, protecting both internal business data and customer information. Data stored internally must be safeguarded against illegal access from entities outside the network as well as unauthorized local users who may attempt to access these resources inadvertently or deliberately.

Why is Network Penetration Testing Important?

One of the biggest threats to the disclosure of sensitive data for any organization is from insiders who may or may not have intentionally intended to leak confidential information. Currently, insiders account for an estimated 60% of all data breaches and is a growing problem as more institutions fail to properly train an ever-increasing workforce in the importance of information security and the proper procedures to safeguard sensitive data. This is the primary reason why network penetration testing should be conducted at a regular interval to identify new threats as they arise.

Why Use Our Network Penetration Testing Services?

Why should you conduct a security penetration test with us? For the simple fact that an outside provider has the unique position of being objective and unbiased when it comes to identifying security issues that may exist due to security shortfalls or from malicious insiders who have created backdoors into your network. Our Internal Network Penetration test is a comprehensive on-site security penetration test of all internal networking systems providing impartial results, which provides you with the ability to strengthen the security of the entire network. Having another layer of security is a wise investment for every organization who takes the securing of their business and customer data seriously.

Our Network Penetration Test Includes:

  • We will come to site and scan your network, under your supervision. We will report to the discovered vulnerabilities that need to be remediated. Then we will retest when you notify us that updates have been made. We can maintain an on-site virtual appliance for the scanner, and can remain on-site, putting you in control of the data.
  • Simulate an insider attack to detect vulnerabilities.
  • Scan of network for subnets, identifying segments.
  • Identify servers and workstations.
  • Begin intrusion on systems to find exploits, then attempt to access data.
  • Scan of all network accessible hosts for vulnerabilities, outdated software, open ports, etc.
  • Hosts include all computers, including laptops, MacBooks, workstations, file server, virtualization servers, and virtual machines.

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Network Penetration Testing and
Intrusion Attempts

We will come to your site and scan your network under your supervision. We’ll report vulnerabilities which need remediation and retest once updates have been made.


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