LAN Intrusion Testing

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What is LAN Intrusion Testing?

Local Area Network intrusion testing is a comprehensive penetration test that attempts to break into an internal network and access sensitive information from an outside location. This type of test attempts to identify security flaws that would allow an intruder to gain access to information on the LAN by identifying firewalls, routers, open IP addresses, and services running on ports. By conducting LAN penetration tests on a regular basis, vulnerabilities of these network resources can be identified, addressed, and retested to assure that the network has been fortified from external attacks using security industry best practices.

Why is LAN Intrusion Testing Important?

LAN intrusion is a very real threat when connected to a public network. Organizations need access to external resources to conduct day to day operations while customers need access to web applications and payment systems. The fact is, if the customer and employees can connect to these resources, then criminals can attempt to gain access to them as well.

Why Use Our LAN Intrusion Testing Services?

The LAN, as well as the Internet, are not static environments. Equipment changes, software is updated or replaced, employee accounts are revised, and new exploits are constantly being developed to breach current security implementations. It is essential for every company that conducts their operations online to test network access to the LAN at a regular interval to minimize the impact of new threats as they arise.

Our Website Penetration Test Includes:

  • We will test your firewalls and outside routers monthly and report on. vulnerabilities that need to be remediated. Retesting will be conducted when you notify us that updates have been made.
  • Attempt to infiltrate LAN from external IP addresses, identifying open ports and services that are potential attack vectors.
  • Attempt to detect firewall equipment type.
  • Look for open IP addresses to access internal or DMZ sites and intranets.

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LAN Intrusion Testing

We will test your firewalls and outside routers monthly and report to you vulnerabilities that need to be remediated. Then, we’ll retest when you notify us that updates have been made.


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