Host Intrusion and Exfiltration Attempts

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What is Host Intrusion or Ethical Hacking?

Host intrusion testing is a security audit that attempts to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities that exist on internal computer systems that have access to network resources. These tests, in turn, provide network administrators as well as IT security responders with valuable reporting information, which aids them in addressing potential threats to host systems before a compromise to the overall security of the entire network ever occurs.

Ethical hacking has become extremely useful in preventing and mitigating data breaches, assisting in identifying vulnerable systems, software, and operating systems, before a real-world attack ever has a chance to occur. Performing a thorough security penetration test will include attempting to compromise host machines to access valuable information such as passwords, banking credentials, emails, and PII. Using those compromised hosts along with information gained from them, attempts will be made to access data, directly and indirectly, using multiple methods. Once the data has been accessed, transfer of that data to an external source will be initiated.

Why is Ethical Hacking Important?

Hosts on your internal network require proactive monitoring, a practice that needs to become routine for the securing of networking systems. Once a local user or criminal has access to a computing resource on a network connected to data shares, the possibility of data loss or theft is an ever-present one. Since the most substantial risk to internal networks are actions from inside users, the systems storing and hosting data need to be protected to safeguard the private information they contain.

Why Use Our Ethical Hacking Services?

Simulations of an attack being conducted by a malicious insider is a critical component of the Host Intrusion and Exfiltration test, as it will test the detection and response by the security team, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and security configurations, to identify such an attack. This test will provide a realistic scenario by testing the reaction and response to unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Our Host Intrusion Test Includes:

  • We will come to site and perform the scans and exploits to exfiltrate data, under your supervision. We will report any vulnerabilities that need to be remediated. Then we will retest when you notify us that updates have been made.
  • Simulate an insider attack attempting to steal data
  • Try to access data stores indirectly via compromised systems, then exfiltrate data.
  • Scan systems for unencrypted PII
  • Attempt to obtain credentials for personnel, and banking
  • Your security team can observe while we work

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Host Instrusion and Exfiltration Attempts

We will come to your site and perform scans and exploits to exfiltrate data under your supervision. Then, we’ll report vulnerabilities that need to be remediated and retest once updates have been made.


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