Penetration Testing

Riptide will help protect your business from data breaches and intellectual property theft.

Penetration testing, or “ethical hacking”, is part of any good security strategy. An experienced vendor can help protect your business from data breaches, intellectual property theft, and other threats by testing your network for vulnerabilities, identifying weaknesses, and suggesting steps to move forward.

Our Proven Process

Initiate Discovery

In our discovery stage, we’ll take time to learn about your concerns, understand your systems and sites, and collect any additional research on your network.

Set Goals

Here we will establish goals with you. These will include what systems we’ll be testing, when they will be tested, and the production schedule.

Gain Permissions

In this stage, we’ll ask for your written permissions and approval to initiate the penetration test and scan your systems.

Notify Hosting Provider

After we’ve obtained permission, we’ll take the time to notify your hosting provider of an upcoming penetration test.

Probe Systems

Our team will run IP and port scans. This will also include following links to potential points of interest which may be forms, databases and/or file stores.

Exploit Vulnerabilities

We’ll run software to probe and execute exploits as well as attempt logins and collect evidence of a successful intrusion.

Report on Findings

A detailed breakdown report will be created of vulnerabilities found from the pentest, as well as recommendations to fix them.

Customer Remediation

You and your team will plug the security holes and apply patches and fixes based on our recommendations.

Repeat Pen Testing

We’ll complete one more round of penetration testing to insure all vulnerabilities have been addressed.


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