Managed IT Services Tailored to YOUR business

While you build your business we'll make it our job to take care of all your IT and security needs.

Riptide has been managing systems from the largest military enterprises to the smallest startup businesses since 1995. Our simple solutions are designed with your company in mind — your needs, your budget, and we grow with you as you need. Simplified, on-demand services and no long term contracts.Because of this approach and our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, we have become well-respected for our uncompromised quality and superior results.

Our Tried-and-True Formula for Success

Our process begins with a no obligation, no cost, high-level review of your entire IT infrastructure. We'll work with your team to confirm areas of concern and identify products and services to monitor and protect all your systems 24/7. We use our experience and partnerships to relieve the burden of your team in just the areas you need to allow you to focus on building your business.

Core services to keep your business safe

Network and Security

Riptide's array of services and tools monitors all threats and targeted cyberattacks 24/7 to protect your network. Our managed network and security services are updated constantly using advanced detection technology. In addition, our highly experienced security analysts provide a breadth of knowledge of multiple customers to secure your networks using the most up-to-date data available.

Data Protection

Our enterprise-wide data protection platform addresses today’s security challenges, demands, and is flexible enough to meet tomorrow’s growing needs. Services include data-at-rest encryption, access controls, and complete audit logging using any cloud or on premise platform without changing your current applications, databases, or infrastructure.

PC / Laptop / Mac Support

Our secure remote access to your servers, workstations, and mobile devices allow us to quickly solve almost any user support problem without impacting the productivity of your users. Our integrated IT management platform delivers a complete, fast, and secure remote control solution even behind firewalls or from machines at home. We can even use these same systems to implement two factor authentication for all your users providing enhanced security throughout your enterprise.

Cloud Migration

We review all your options for cloud migration and are technology agnostic in our approach. In our review, we will detail hidden costs of setup and support, reliability needs, any privacy or data confidentiality requirements, and ensure compatibility with your other programs.

VOIP Systems

We support Asterisk and FreePBX installations, upgrades, and maintenance as well as conversions and technology trade off analysis. Our support services include installation and customization of each implementation to fit your size and need.

Server Upgrades

Our upgrades provide automation and scripting of common activities such as monitoring, patch management, security reviews, backup services, and we provides full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support your infrastructure in any of the current cloud or on premise technologies. We will enforce your corporate and security infrastructure policies, and enable you to develop solutions and applications using your preferred development approach.

NIST 800-171 Compliance

Riptide knows exactly where to start, and how to achieve 100% NIST 800-171 Compliance because we've done it, and it’s likely important to your business as well. Let Riptide guide you through the technical challenges of 2 factor authentication, wireless connectivity, BYOD, and password requirements in ways that minimize impact to your organization, promote consensus, and achieve buy in from your staff. Our engineering approach to this problem is sensitive to the needs of an organization as well as the needs of hardened security. Our initial consultation is free and you have no obligation. We invite you to learn about our vision and make it your own through our NIST consulting services.

Deltek / Costpoint ERP Consulting

Our support of Deltek Costpoint goes beyond normal implementation and integration services to show you exactly how we've tuned Deltek to make our government contracting activities accurate and efficient for our entire organization. We can help with data migration services, difficult upgrades, and installations of the latest version of Costpoint, custom COGNOS report writing, and even show you areas that will make your DCAA audits run more smoothly. Deltek's solution for federal government contractors is the flagship project ERP product in the industry, but it takes an industry veteran like Riptide to show you exactly how to make it work its best.