What can our Managed IT Services do for you?

Managed Services, in it’s simplest definition, is the outsourcing of some or all of the work in one area of your business that you either may not have the expertise to fill, or simply find it easier to work with a company that offers professional services in that area.

MSP’s can provide your business with a cost effective solution to many of the company’s day to day issues via remote support agents deployed on your network.

Choosing a MSP is not a task to be taken lightly. They will be entrusted with the success of your business, and may need access to private or confidential data your company maintains.

Many businesses simply choose to work with Managed Service Providers to keep operations running smoothly without the added overhead of a full-time employee.
A “one call to make” resolution to a vast majority of technical support cases
Multiple technician coverage depth ensuring someone is always available to help
The power to leverage existing business relationships of the MSP
Assurance that “your problem” just became “their problem” and that a solution will be provided
Support for multiple operating systems as well as desktop, server, and mobile platforms

Not all managed service providers are created equal.

Because Riptide Managed Services was born out of a more than 10 year old Award Winning US Government Defense Contract Company with over 200 employees and multiple locations around the world, we are easily capable of providing a wide spectrum of coverage for professional services, allowing us to exceed our customers expectations on every level.